MyInterlink User Guide
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What is MyInterlink?

MyInterlink is an online service for account holders, designed to make the entire shipping process easier for small and large-scale businesses alike. It brings all of your essential shipping procedures together into a single comprehensive platform.

Within MyInterlink you will have access to our online shipping system, ship@ease which will enable you to print all your shipping documents and manage your shipments more efficiently.

You can track your consignments, rearrange collections and use our depot finder. You also have the ability to maintain and access your address book as well as save your personal shipping preferences for next time.

We'll also provide you with our latest service updates and inform you of any changes to the functionality of MyInterlink as soon as it happens, so you'll always be kept in the loop!

  What's New - ship@ease

We've taken into account your feedback and introduced some new and exciting functionality into our Ship@ease online version.

Here's a quick look at the latest features available in ship@ease, and you can also visit the 'Newsfeed' page for the very latest ship@ease news.

Importing a shipment file

An elegant new feature which allows you to import your daily order information into ship@ease from your own system and produce your shipment labels.

Printer installer

An enhanced feature allowing a quicker and simplified method of setting up a Interlink Express supplied thermal printer for ship@Ease to produce your shipment labels.

Exporting a data file of shipments created

An elegant new feature which allows you the option to extract data from ship@ease to import into your own systems.

Shipping Review

A new feature which allows you to review and amend all your shipping history quickly and easily. Shipping Review will allow you to:

  • Check the status of a shipment ~ Check the status of your shipment from collection to delivery!
  • Delete a shipment ~ Delete any non-printed labels
  • Void or unvoid a shipment ~ Void or unvoid any printed labels
  • Edit shipments ~ Make any necessary amendments to shipments and re-produce your label or copy shipping information to be used again for another shipment
  • Change the shipment date ~ Change the date of your shipment before printing your label

Channel Island Invoices

An elegant new feature which allows you not only to create your shipment label for the Channel Islands but also to produce shipping documentation to comply with Customs requirements.

Return addresses in the address book

A new feature which allows you a simplified and quick option to select return addresses from your address book.

Reprinting and editing international invoices

A new feature which allows you to edit and amend your international invoice documentation with any changes or even reprint if you require a copy for your records.

Help content

General improvements to on-screen help, with tool tips and tutorial videos, making it more user-friendly than ever!