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April 2015
Google Chrome

From April 2015, Google is disabling all plugins...

So don't delay - take action today!

This will specifically impact all users who use Google Chrome as their browser and use a thermal printer and/or the data import facility to produce shipment labels.

The disabled plugin will leave you unable to print shipment labels unless you either:

  • Download our Desktop Printing Service, or
  • Use an Alternative Browser (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera)
Check out our "How to" guide for everything you need to know about installing the Desktop Printing Service on your PC.
Should you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact IT Service Desk on 0121 500 2510.

July 2014
What is Consolidation?

Consolidation has been enhanced with the ability to track parcels with multiple references within the same consignment.
Click here for more details.

July 2014
Java Updates

On Tuesday 15th July, Oracle will be issuing an update for Java.

As mentioned in previous news articles this will affect users that either try to use the data import facility or use a thermal printer to produce labels.

April 2014
Java Updates

On Tuesday 15 April, Java will be issuing a free global update to their software.
This update will specifically impact ship@ease web users who use either the data import facility or use a thermal printer to produce shipment labels.
If prompted to update the Java software, we recommend that you do so, as a failure to update may leave you unable to produce shipment labels.
Please note that Java regularly update their software, as outlined above, and you can see their schedule by clicking here.

March 2014
Updated Edit Features

Interlink Ship@Ease websites have been enhanced so that customers can amend the product/service on both manual and imported shipments.

February 2014
Reap the benefits of integrating with Interlink Express!

Interlink Express's API enables the customes to integrate key functionality - such as shipping parcels, tracking and returns - directly into your website ot enterprise system. This allows you and your customes to enjoy all of our great services in your environment.

Contact your Account Manager for mreo details or contact our IT Team via E-Mail:

January 2014
New to MyInterlink?

The MyInterlink User Guides have been updated to ensure you get the most from Ship@Ease/

From Creating your first domestic shipment to ensuring the correct documentation is entered for international shipments.

Click Here to view the User Guides.

Have we missed something? Does something need adding contact us on:

International consignment labels

ship@ease web produces international consignment labels and shipping documents too, and you'll be able to track consignments every step of the way.

New and enhanced ship@ease functionality

  • Enhanced import function for address data
  • Easier to amend shipments and labels prior to collection
  • New option to export ship@ease web data to your own system
  • Option to import daily order information

Click here to view our short film on ship@ease web.

HTML 5 compliant browser

To ensure you can always ship parcels with ship@ease web, we recommend that you use an HTML 5 compliant browser.

Click here to see if your current browser is HTML 5 compliant.

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